Sunday, March 22, 2009

Playing in the Crib

Charlie has learned how FUN it can be to play in his crib...when he should be napping. St. Patrick's Day, my mom called me at work and said "Has Charlie ever sat up in bed before?" I said no, not unless we put him down in the crib, sitting up. Well, she had put him down for a nap, and he cried a little, which is normal for him, and he then got quiet. She went to peak at him and he was happily sitting up in his crib and starting to play with the mirror/musical toy on the crib. He enjoyed playing and rolling around in his crib for a long time, resulting in not much napping that day!

So, that night, we sat him up in his crib to see what he would do. He went straight for the musical toy and was successful at making it work. He loved it. He was in a good mood, so I caught a few pictures of him.

Slightly confused at first.

PEEK! Cute baby!

Are you trying to trick me into something, Mommy?

Ok, I'll do the belly button dance for you!

And screech too!

Ok...I'm done now.

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Ted said...

guhhhhhhhhhhh...were you drunk when you wrote this post? Jesus Christ, how did you graduate high school, let alone make it through college? That second paragraph was BRUTAL to read.