Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Charlie enjoying some Lasagna.
Charlie is working on trying 3rd's foods now, in an effort to move into "adult" food eventually. 3rd's are more chunky, something that Charlie has not experienced. Frankly, he's shocked me with this adventure. My baby loves food...I mean LOVES it! First, we gave him a puff...he HATED it. He gaged and choked and made horrible sounds like we were trying to physically harm him. I had been told kids love these things! Now, when we come at him with puff in our hand, he clamps his mouth shut and won't open up. So, we stopped forcing it and moved on. Eventually, I'm sure he will like them.
But for now, we moved to 3rd's foods. The first two or three jars he gagged, made faces, again, like we we harming the child. Finally, he warmed up to the food when Kenny broke out a jar of lasagna. Now, if you know Kenny, lasagna is one of his FAVORITE foods. And I don't make it. I make all other kinds of pasta dishes, but not lasagna. So, when Kenny was serving the lasagna to Charlie, who was eating it very well, he was explaining that this was one of the "staples" in life as far as food goes. And that he's very lucky that he's Italian and his mommy is Italian so he will likely be exposed to it alot. And he was SO proud that this was a food he decided to enjoy and not make gagging noises with!

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