Sunday, March 22, 2009

Family Party

A few weeks ago, my family got together to celebrate Ben and Will's birthdays. It was so fun to see Charlie interacting with his cousins and family.

Jack and Charlie checking out Baby Penelope. This was Penelope's first family party!

Goodness, she is cute!

Jack, Ben, Charlie and Brynna. Jack is a great big cousin -- he greeted us with toys that were good for Charlie to play with. I think Amy helped him a bit, but it was so nice to see him sharing with Charlie.

Penelope got lots of cuddles from family.

Jack and Charlie. Jack also was trying to teach Charlie to clap.

Penelope is awake!! Oh, and that's her mom, Mary. :)

Pops and Charlie got a little play time too.

Penelope lovin' Daddy.

Will holding Charlie and Jack trying to entertain him.

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