Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Kenny and I are each 1/4 Irish, which also means that Charlie is lucky enough to be 1/4 Irish too! We got him a few St. Patty's Day items. As we left for work that day, we told him it would be a fine day to learn how to crawl (he's SOOOO close!!). Well, he didn't. He did learn a different trick I'll post about later.

The shirt says Dad's Lil' Leprechaun. He lost his pants that afternoon because it was SO WARM! In the 70's for St. Patrick's Day -- I'd say that's pretty lucky!

A few days before St. Patrick's Day, sporting his new hat that says Mom's Lucky Charm.

There's a good smile from our little leprechaun.

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