Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How Sweet It Is

Beautiful flowers from my boys!
Well, even though I wasn't really looking forward to my birthday this year and just thought it would be another day, my boys surprised me, by starting the celebration a day early. Last year, I had, what I thought at the time, was my best birthday, my golden birthday: a great night out with some friends a few days before, a FANTASTIC birthday gift --- a positive pregnancy test (Charlie) and some good times with family. BUT, this year, it WAS better.

Kenny, Charlie and my Mom surprised me at work the day before my birthday with a visit, the roses pictured above and a nice lunch out. They came in the day before because my Mom was there to carry/transport Charlie for Kenny. Charlie's gift to me was his QUIET behavior at dinner the night of my birthday so that Kenny and I could enjoy our dinner out together (Charlie slept through the whole thing!). Kenny also came with me the week before my birthday, as his gift to me, to pick out new "stuff" to decorate the house with. That was my request...just that he shop with me for new picture frames, and other fun stuff for the house. I really didn't want anything else...just knowing that my Kenny is healthy again and recovering and that we have our sweet Charlie was gift enough for me. Kenny also gave me a great picture frame that he picked out on his own, to fill with a picture of Charlie, Kenny and myself.

So, it was a sweet day!

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