Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

The Sunday before Halloween was our "trick or treating" with Charlie. It was actually Ava's birthday party and trick or treating and since we were close to Pops and Grammy's house, we stopped by to trick or treat. Charlie got some cute boots and a bib!

Pops, Charlie and Grammy

The kids all dressed up for Halloween...see Charlie crying because someone was clapping and it scared him!

Here's another one of the kids

Sweet Sailor Charlie...isn't this outfit adorable??!!

It was a VERY windy Charlie was covered!

Next year Charlie can do this too!

Aren't the girls so cute holding hands?

Some good decorations!

Back at the birthday party, Charlie tried out a jumparoo!

And wasn't so sure about sitting next to Gwen.

She tried to hold his hand to make him feel better.

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