Wednesday, November 26, 2008

5 Months

Have we truly had this handsome little man for 5 MONTHS already? We can't believe it! Kenny and I constantly find ourselves overwhelmed in our love for Charles Edward. He has changed our lives in amazing ways and is just the sweetest boy around. On this Thanksgiving Eve, we are so THANKFUL to be a family of three, all at home together.

Some wonderful new things about Charlie in the last month include:

*This first one involves a short story. I've been struggling with Charlie turning on his tummy at night to sleep, mainly because he hasn't yet rolled from tummy to back. So, I check on him at night from time to time, and many times have flipped him back to his back. This morning when I first woke up, I found him sleeping on his tummy, but I let him be since I was going to wake him up in 45 minutes anyways. It came time to go and wake him to get ready and he was already waking up, moving around. As I walked in and said good morning as I approached the crib, I watched him flip from tummy to back!!! He seemed a bit shocked at himself as if to say "what did I just do" and Kenny started cheering him on from the living room (he heard me getting excited for Charlie's latest accomplishment)!!

*He LOVES to hold his own bottle. Sometimes he can handle it on his own and sometimes he needs our help but he is REALLY trying!

*He had his first teenager babysitter last Friday night while Kenny and I went to a work holiday party. Everyone did great!

*He has eaten rice cereal, oatmeal, barley, mixed grains, green beans and carrots in the last month. Rice and oatmeal are favorites from the cereal group and carrots are a good one from the veggie!

*He still really only rolls to his right side. We are working at forcing the left-sided rolls to come, as it seems all lefty things with Charlie need to be forced, but happen in time. Maybe he will be a right handed kid!

*He's very coordinated now and able to grab small objects, bat at toys effectively, and the best is when he grabs your hair or ears or my glasses and hangs on for dear life. I've begun pulling his little hands off of my hair and ears and telling him that pulling on hair and ears is not nice...hopefully, someday he will understand that!

*He's begun to enjoy older activities, like playing in an exersaucer.

*He drools TONS now, so he's working on some teeth, somewhere and eventually they will make an appearance.
*Our napping issues are getting better, not resolved yet, but better. He's starting to sleep longer for naps in his crib and fuss less about taking them.
All in all, he's a complete joy for Kenny and I...and again, we are so THANKFUL for these last 5 months with him.

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Ted said...

So, did you take his picture right after you picked him up from a long day of pan-handling outside? He looks like a Rudolph the Red-nosed Drunkard. Next time, you should get his whole body in the shot, including his make-shift sign that is fashioned out of an old cardboard box and sharpie marker that says "Plees spair sum chainge."