Monday, March 31, 2008


Kenny and I are HUGE dog lovers and we have been without our Duke boy for about 3 months now. Had the birth of Charlie not been in our near future, we probably would have had a sweet new dog in our house by now. After we put Duke down, we decided it was best to wait to get a dog until after Charlie's arrival so that the new dog will join our family of 3, rather than adjust to Kenny and I just in time to readjust to Charlie. Logically, this is what we SHOULD do. It's what everyone TELLS us to do. It's really the BEST thing for us, Charlie and the future dog. Right???

But....our HEARTS want another dog sooooo badddd!! We WANT to come home and be greeted by a jumping, furry friend whose is just happy to see us and makes all of the bad things that could have happened that day go away. Kenny and I seem to take turns going through this "needy" phase. So, we spend our time studying rescue websites, looking for our next furry companion that will be a great friend to us, that will look after our Charlie...a sweet loving dog that will fill the house with fur and give sweet, sloppy doggie kisses on command.

AND...then we "discuss" the BIG QUESTION...

Do we get a sweet, midsized, loving Brittany, like I grew up with??? we get a great, bigger Lab, like our Duke and the only kind of dog Kenny has ever had?

What do you think???

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Carol said...

From Charlie's Grammy: I must vote for a sweet, loving, adorable, smart Brittany. Labs are wonderful, too but just a little too big for me...especially those tails!