Sunday, March 16, 2008

Baby 24 weeks!

Here's another look at Mr. Charlie at 24 weeks. It's a profile shot of him lying on his back. His head is on the left, belly to the right and limbs in the air.

The reason we have another picture of him is because my doctors are being a little extra careful with me because I have had a few high blood pressure readings in the last few years and while I've been them a high blood pressure reading is 125/84 or 127/78. I have to love that they are being extra careful with me, but laugh a little because most doctors I know wouldn't look twice at that BP reading. Regardless, I'm thankful for them and I know that as this pregnancy continues, the chances of my BP going higher naturally, get better and better, so I appreciate the extra tests that they have put me through thus far. All tests and procedures have come back completely normal and if something were to get worse down the road, they now have "baseline" readings for me on everything possible, so they know better how my body is working.

With that, after our first pictures of Charlie at 20 weeks, they ordered another ultrasound for 24 weeks, to ensure that Charlie is growing at the proper pace. And, of course, he is. I can even see that from the pictures he looks bigger. Since Kenny and I were confident that everything was fine, Kenny opted not to go to the ultrasound. So at the last minute, I invited my mom to join me. Since she's retired, her schedule is ULTRA busy (HA! HA!) and she dropped everything to come and see her grandson for the first time and an ultrasound for the first time. As she pointed out to me, I'm too old to have had an ultrasound done when she was carrying me around!
She loved it and we even saw his little heart beating away! Ultrasounds are amazing!

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