Sunday, July 11, 2010

Father's Day Part 1

The day before Father's Day we ventured into Wisconsin with Nimmy (Charlie's name for Grammy) and Pops to the Wisconsin Auto Museum. Pops and Kenny can think of no better way to spend a day than exploring cars, so since they are the Fathers....we went with. It was without very many other patrons, which proved to be good for our little almost two year old. He's not quite clear about the behavior one should have in a museum...but we are working on it.

On the way up there, Charlie was in heaven watching the "actors" (tractors), "tocos" (motorcycles) and "ans" (planes) as we traveled through the back roads of Wisconsin.

Off to explore with Pops and Daddy.

Watching the wonderful model train.

Nimmy trying to sneak another hug in. Train watching is serious business Nimmy!

Pops explaining the fine art of model trains.

This picture won't load right, but it's a truck Nash, which Kenny has never seen and even more interesting is it says Metzler on of Kenny's cousin's last names.

"Mama, Nimmy, are you coming with us?"

Learning with Nimmy and Pops.

Working on an engine.

We ended the day down the street the Mineshaft restaurant - Wisconsin's largest. It was yummy!

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