Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Charlie's Two...Part 2!!!

The day after Charlie turned two, we had a great Family Birthday Party for him. Our little guy sure is loved by many.

Charlie enjoyed some good playtime with cousin Penelope. She is just a few months younger than him and they do like to play with each other.

Hhmmm... which present should I dive into first?

Penelope and Charlie checking out the tractor flashlight.

Look Mommy!!!

CAKE!!! We had dirt cake again, but this time in a more traditional form. Always a little special to have this as I remember many Deram parties with dirt of Josh's favorites.

Uncle Lloyd, Grandpa, Uncle Jim, Charlie, Cousin Lauren, Mary Lou

He blew out the candle!!

Having Cake with Grandma.

Penelope with her Grandma

Papa, Aunt Kathi, NimmyNimmy, Uncle Lloyd, Mommy

Jer, Penelope and Mary

Cousin Lauren and Charlie

Charlie and Uncle Ted

Charlie and Penelope

Cousin Lauren and Charlie (on his new tractor phone).

Grandpa, Charlie and Grandma

Papa, NimmyNimmy and Charlie

Mommy, Daddy and Charlie

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