Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Charlie's Two!!!

On Charlie's birthday, we had a wonderful, but HOT playtime party with friends. 2 hour parties are just the right amount of time for little ones, I think. We dragged all of our outside toys out to the yard and utilized the backyard. It rained that morning, so luckily it got warm enough that the grass dried out.

Charlie and Daddy outside greeting guests.

Reese enjoying a tractor.

Pinata fun for all of the kiddos (Jason, Paige, Camryn, Lila, Charlie).

Ava, Reese, Charlie, Lila, Jason, Gwennie

We enjoyed HUGE sub sandwiches from Walmart (Thanks Amy for the tip!), lots of finger size fruits and veggies (some of Charlie's favorites), goldfish crackers and juice boxes. Perfect lunch of Charlie's favorites.

A picnic lunch on blankets in the backyard under the shade of the willow tree -- Jason (on the picnic table), Ava, Emma, Paige, Gwen and Charlie.


Paige and Ava always willing to pose.
For a cake, I made Dirt Cake "cupcakes" as Dirt Cake is a great treat for our little egg and nut allergic Charlie. Putting them in individual cups worked great for the kids, just like a cupcake.

Cake!! Jason, Camryn, Reese, Charlie, Ava, Noah.
Presents!! Charlie was given some wonderful new toys that continue to entertain him and great new clothes for our growing big boy!
Brianna, Charlie, Paige, Reese, Cam

So happy about a Matchbox car...hmmm..Kenny...what are you doing to him?!

Jason explaining gifts to Charlie.

More help from Jason and Paige.

And this is what happens when you have SO much fun at your party and then you refuse a nap, even though Mommy scheduled the party so you could have your nap...

To end the day, we enjoyed some left overs from the party and put our little two year old to bed early!

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