Friday, May 7, 2010

A Story of a Bis

Six months have passed us by again and the beginning of May brought us to Chicago so that Kenny could get another MRI. Charlie and I spent a little while on Michigan Avenue doing some shopping before meeting up with Uncle Ted to play at the park while Daddy was getting his MRI. Charlie loves watching the traffic on Michigan Avenue. This trip was especially exciting since he recently learned to say bus..."bis" and there are alot of them on Michigan Avenue.

I thought I could get a few nice pictures of Charlie by the tulips, but he wasn't interested...

He smiles for the bis...but not for Mommy!

Mommy and Charlie. A nice lady waiting for the same store to open with us offered to take it. Charlie attracts the ladies!

This is Charlie...staring at the buses!

Charlie showing me his own bus that he brought with him.

Calling Daddy to tell him about the "bis"

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