Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lincoln Park Zoo

We love to make the most of our time in Chicago so we met up with Joan and the girls to tour the Lincoln Park Zoo with Charlie. Kenny and I hadn't been there in several years and this was Charlie's first trip. We weren't that excited about the zoo, but it was a good size for the few hours we had in the afternoon. Maybe next time we will try another zoo. It was great to see Joan and the girls though and so great to see Charlie playing with his cousins.

Sleepy lions.

Charlie pointing out a "an" (plane).

Charlie doing his monkey impression in the monkey house.

Snack break.

Where are the animals?

The adults had a good laugh since we saw so many animals going to the bathroom, but this guy...he almost caught a bunny running through his area.

Anna was SO sweet with Charlie and he listened to her and held hands nicely. Hmmm...can I borrow her?

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