Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shrinking Brains

Charlie looking over Kenny shoulder at the NBTI race on May 16, 2010.

May 6, 2010, we got some of the best news we have heard yet in this medical adventure. One year, to the date, post Gamma Knife radiation treatment, the tumor is shrinking. Specifically, the cyst on the tumor is shrinking. The news was delivered by a resident who kindly showed us the MRIs from August 29, 2008 vs November 2009 vs May 2010. That tumor was a big one back in August 2008.

I don't think we really realized what the resident said. We didn't scream or cry...just smiled in amazement. We saw Dr. C a bit later and we talked about life, how Kenny was feeling and he said something like, "No matter how many ups and downs life may bring, I hope that I can always bring you good news. You know you can always come here and we will enjoy seeing you." We discussed how wonderful it is that the tumor is shrinking. Kenny will have another MRI in 6 months and if that goes well, he may be moving on to once a year then. I told Dr. C that one year intervals scares me, and I know we will talk more about it in November. One year is the schedule Kenny was on when that tumor grew, but I also have to remember he's now had some good radiation treatment that is killing all those cells, unlike before.

It took a long time for the news to really sink in. Life is getting a lot more normal now. It's still our new normal...but normal to us now. Lots of time to enjoy the wonderful moments in raising a little man. Lots to time to realize what really matters. We are so grateful!

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