Sunday, May 24, 2009

Public Works Open House

Wauconda Public Works had an Open House this past Saturday for the public to check out what they do and some of the equipment they use. It's a great event. I think that it was the 3rd Annual this year and I've been twice. It's filled with people and fun for the kids. Next year, Charlie will really be the perfect age to enjoy it to the max and we will be inviting many of our friends for a great event. This year, both sets of our parents joined us.

I just really think it's nice to see events like this still happening given the current economy. Government positions are effected just like private companies and this sort of event is so great for the community. Kenny and I love taking Charlie to events like this. I guess I probably feel even more strongly about it as a third generation public servant to promote the local community and encourage children to learn about their town because one day, they may want to work there!

Charlie sitting in the wing plow truck Kenny was stationed at.

Kenny and Charlie.

Charlie with the "hard hat" they gave him.

He doesn't like to wear hats sometimes, he'd prefer to eat them.

Grammy and Charlie in front of a plant display.

So cute!

Our little Mixing Machine.

What does this lever do?

Pops and Charlie by the vac truck.

This was great! A cardboard cut out of an employee. Does he look like Kenny in this??

This one was a bear named PW Paws.
Thanks Wauconda for a great afternoon!

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