Tuesday, May 26, 2009

11 Months

Our sweet Charlie, clapping because Mommy is singing The Wheels on the Bus

This may be my last monthly update on our Charlie, as he is 11 MONTHS old!! No, really, we can't believe it either. Next update, he will be 1! Where have these last 11 months gone? We have been so blessed by this little man.

This last month he has been busy perfecting some important skills:

** He is an expert at crawling now, at very high rates of speed...like it's a game of chase me sometimes.

** He loves to pull up to kneel at tables, shelves, etc. He has just begun to get interested in pulling up to stand, but hasn't done it on his own yet. He is definately moving in that direction though.

** Clapping...loves it. Knows what it is now. I just got it on video today, so that will have to get posted soon.

** We are awaiting results of allergy tests. Poor kid has been to the doc so much lately for "stuffiness" and coughing the wonderful doc thought it best to test him now. His ezcema is also flaring up so that adds to the allergy thought pattern. So that means, he's now had his first blood draw. As much as he seems to be taking after me in allergies, his "good vein" is in the exact same spot as his Daddy's.

** Eats ALOT! Still drinking at least 24 oz. a day plus eating three meals and starting to eat snacks now too. Loves just about anything you put in front of him. Fruits and veggies seem to be a favorite now.

** Working on sippy cup use in an attempt to loose the bottle habit in the next three weeks or so. Not going well.

** Loves to crawl to you and pull up on your pants/legs.

** Still loves a good story each night. He also enjoys going to his shelf under the coffee table and taking out the books to "read."

** Has 7 teeth! These last 5 one after another have been VERY difficult at times!

** Gives the best hugs lately. Nice, tight bear hug style.

** Is solidly into clothes 12 months and up, mostly 18 months. Tall, big boy.

** Enjoyed a nice couple of tunes from Daddy tonight -- the same ones he sang him in the hospital, when he was just hours old and we needed him to sleep.

** Really, truly is an angel sent here to make his parents lives wonderful. I'm so happy to see him growing up into a wonderful little boy, but so sad that my baby is growing up, all at the same time.

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