Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Last Week of Our Lives

This last week hasn't been the best for our little house. We have all, including my parents and brother, experienced some sort of illness, most of us having the stomach flu. Unfortunately, my turn with the stomach flu, started the run of it that spread to the family and that's how I spent my first Mother's Day. I have no pictures of Mother's Day with my baby boy (who won't be a baby boy in 6 weeks) but fortunately, my Mother's Day gift is a session with a photographer for family pictures (I'm so excited!). So, that will make up for it.

As my 12 hour flu ended and I started feeling better and human, Kenny came down with it and a few days later added a bit of Charlie's cold to it. Then poor Charlie, already dealing with a cold and his 5th tooth in 7 weeks, added an ear infection to the mix. As I write this, I think we are all much healthier after a week of illness and we hope for a better week to come. This was one of those weeks I just felt like nothing could go right for us and we just couldn't have a "normal" week, but maybe this IS normal sometimes when you have a VERY active little germ carrying kiddo in the house.

This weekend has been much better as I actually got to clean our house, free it of all of the germs and enjoy some deal finding shopping trips and a great day today with friends. Kristine and Danielle brought their daughters, Camryn and Reese over to play with their favorite boyfriend Charlie. After some time playing inside and lunch, we enjoyed the warm, sunny weather at our neighborhood park.

Charlie and Reese swinging!

Camryn in a swing.

The twins...not really, but they ARE only 24 hours apart.

Reese, Charlie and Camryn.

Reese staring at the swings!

Charlie and Cam

Charlie wasn't sure where to crawl to in the grass!

Here's to a healthier, happier, less hectic, good week to come! Including a day off to enjoy time as a family for once!!

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