Thursday, February 26, 2009

8 Months

Charlie -- with food on his face doing "so big!"

Some fun facts about our Crazy Charlie at 8 months old:

**He gives the most delicious kisses – big wide open mouth with drool coming at you and then when he finds your skin to “kiss” you usually get some teeth too!

**He has crossed the 20 lb mark

**He sleeps happily on his belly

**He scoots across the floor on his butt in a sitting position.

**He has been spoken to in the “mean Mommy” voice (for continuing to try to roll over on the changing table) and in response to the voice sticks out his bottom lip and it quivers as he thinks about crying.

**He enjoys a late afternoon cat nap

**He typically takes two other naps a day anywhere from 45 minutes – 2 hours or so.

**He is most ticklish on his thighs, but also his armpits and neck sometimes too

**He rolls quickly across a room trying to get to something.

**He’s good and creative about reaching objects.

**He’s teething again – we think. Lots of signs point to teething so maybe we will be announcing some top teeth soon.

**He has just started eating puffs and does NOT like them. He actually clams his mouth shut if you try and put one in there. He will play with one on his try though.

**He pushes up more and more each day trying to get on all fours to crawl. He is also trying to get to the crawling position from sitting and is getting so close.

**He loves the “belly button dance,” as Kenny calls it. He balances on his belly and squeals while he moves his arms and legs around. It really is funny and if I could figure out a good way to post a video of it, I would.

**He sits up perfectly now on his own for tons of time.

**He reaches for lots of things from sitting and if he starts to fall can either pull himself back to sitting or fall into a roll smoothly.

**He’s getting better at bearing weight on his legs.

**He loves a bottle. He gives the biggest smile to his bottle each day – forget his Mommy and Daddy, it’s the bottle that really counts!

**He continues to talk more and more.

**He is getting harder and harder to photograph since he is always on the move. You don’t want to know how many pictures I had to take to get this one!

**He feeds himself his bottle at least once a day. As long as we lay him down, he will take over the bottle feeding duty.

**He is starting to get a little clingy to us and overwhelmed by larger groups of people. He’s so social though, we hope it will pass quickly.

**He has learned how to push trucks and cars back and forth across the floor with Daddy. Boy oh boy is Daddy proud of that!

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