Monday, January 12, 2009

Friends Christmas

Each year our NIU friends always get together to celebrate Christmas. It's become quite an event as the many kids have been added to the group. Last year there were 4 kiddos...and 4 pregnant this year (had everyone been there), there would have been 8 kiddos.

I'm learning it's hard to remember to take photos and socialize and make sure your baby is happy or that one of the other kids doesn't need this is the only decent photo I got!

Charlie and Camryn...they are less than 24 hours apart. Last Christmas, Kristine (Cam's mom) and I announced our pregnancies at this party...and here are the children that resulted from them. Kristine was due 1 day after me...and here they are...Charlie 1 day older than Camryn.

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