Monday, January 26, 2009

7 Months

Big Boy Blue-Eyed Charlie

Charlie is officially getting to be a big boy...a 7 month old big boy. Each month I say, how is it possible and I'll say it again this month. But as much as I miss the baby in him, I love the funny, sweet, cuddly boy that is our Charlie. We love to see him learn and figure things out. He continues to amaze us.

He's had some exciting (and not so exciting) accomplishments this month...

**He rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls.

**All the rolling lead to an ambulance ride and ER visit recently as he rolled down our stairs...when we didn't know he could roll that far (he had only rolled about 2-4 times at that point)...and we hadn't installed the gate yet. Luckily, he's a big strong boy and didn't end up doing any damage to himself. He did give his parents some moments of heart failure though! By the time he got in the ambulance, he had charmed the paramedics and was laughing and smiling with them.

**We are practicing sitting up unassisted and bearing weight on his legs...something he's a little behind on, but we are hoping, as with everything else, he will catch up quickly.

**He does alot of talking. Bababbababab, dadadada, mamamama (that's only when he's tired). Babababab happens alot when he sees his bottle. We really think he's associating bottle with bababa.

**Speaking of bottles...he can completely hold his unassisted. He gets lazy sometimes, but really he prefers to be in control of it. He still drinks ALOT of formula given his increase this month to 3 meals a day, but we are seeing signs of his formula intake slowing down.

**He also prefers to be in control of his spoon. He likes to "help" us bring the spoon to his mouth, which results in a messier eating experience for all involved. We try to limit his "helping" when it involves food other than his formula. But we do appreciate his effort!

**He got two bottom teeth within three days. He continues to chew on everything and be a little cranky at times which we call teething....we know those top two would like to come out soon!

**He must wear a minimum of 9 month size pants because he needs the length. He hangs off my lap when I try to hold him like a baby. Good thing his Daddy is so tall so he doesn't look so funny being held by him.

**He is truly enjoying his musical, lighting up sorts of toys he got for Christmas. Thank you to all for those! He got a toy gum ball machine and learned to operate the lever after a short 10 minute lesson from Mommy. He amazes us!

**He still enjoys his bedtime stories each night...and any stories someone will read him during the day. He likes to turn the pages...and try to eat them.

**He also is starting to form more of a schedule of naps, but continues to be flexible with us as we have plans to be out doing fun activities.

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