Monday, February 25, 2008

Packard Winter Weekend

Now...isn't this sporty sports car what you expected to see when reading a post called Packard Winter Weekend??!! Probably, not...

Kenny and I enjoyed a weekend in Dayton, Ohio at the Packard Winter Weekend that the Packard Museum there puts on. It was a great time...nice to get out of the house and away from Kenny's work that has kept him all too busy this winter and an event that I have never attended and Kenny hasn't been to in years. Good friends of the Friedrichs are in charge of the museum there and it was great to see them and other friends from around the country.

So, yes, the picture above was at the museum...Shaq's custom made Ferrari was there and Kenny sat in it, because it would actually kind of fit him.

This Packard sign Kenny remembers going somewhere with his friend Dom to pick this up and take it to the museum. Kind of cool to see the junky things you might find, cleaned up and on display now.

Kenny was involved with the La Carrera road race through Mexico for a couple of years with the museum and Bob Signom. The green Packard in the photo above was the car they raced one year.

Here's Kenny with the car.

Here's the side detail of the car.

And here's Kenny's name on the car as one of the mechanics.

Overall, it was a great, relaxing weekend...we always enjoy these things, have lots of laughs and new stories to tell. :)

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