Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Fun

A sampling of our month of February...

Charlie in training to be a wonderful helper in the kitchen. He loves to empty the dishwasher!

Really, could he be cuter? He loves to show us he can sit on the big furniture now.

This picture is really to show the cute, soft polar bear pj's, but oddly enough, I took this of him in the time out corner. A corner that is used frequently some days.

Reese turned two and had a great party!!

Our little movie starts in their heart shaped sunglasses!

Apparently it's not appropriate to sit on your boyfriend's lap in front of your family!
Danielle -- She is your daughter...I can see her tonsils! :)

Penelope turned one and had a great bouncy house party. Uncle Ted did ALOT of climbing and playing with Charlie that day!

Will, Ted and Charlie at the top of the slide.

The birthday girl having some pizza!

Uncle Ted came up to have dinner with us for Kenny's birthday...but I never took a picture of Kenny!

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