Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reese and Charlie

In late July and early August, we got to have Reese spend sometime at our house. Reese is about 4 months older than Charlie. She was born just days before we found out that Charlie was a boy. Danielle and John and Kenny and I joked that our children could date. Well, they've had their first few dates now, supervised by Kenny and I.

Charlie is really into giving people kisses. The open mouth kind. It's really sweet and he looks so proud of himself that he's showed some love to someone. With no prompting on our part, he just decided to kiss Reese. Reese really didn't know what to think about him. She kind of looks at him like "who are you and what do you want." If only these kids could talk a little more!

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These are from the next time we had Reese over. They had a lovely dinner together. See how excited Charlie is...and how "what is going on" Reese is! :) Reese was a little unsure during this visit, so we got out Charlie's couch and flipped on Elmo. I know she has her own little chair at home that she watches Elmo in, so we thought that would comfort her. It did, but Charlie really annoyed her because he wouldn't sit still. And that picture of Charlie laying on Reese's lap -- he just did that. You can't make up stuff this good!

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