Friday, January 4, 2008

Dear Duke

One of Duke's favorite spots in our house...sleeping at the top of the stairs. Sometimes that's where he was waiting for Daddy to come home from work late at night. Sometimes this is where he napped when someone was upstairs and someone was downstairs and he couldn't decide who to be with.

One of the last Mommy and Duke pictures...he always loved to cuddle.

Another of Duke's favorites...going out in the porch in the winter and drink/eating snow/ice mixtures from the chairs...that green chair in the corner was his favorite this year.

The last Daddy and Duke picture...but he always loved sitting with Daddy like this or on his lap!

Dear Duke,

As we say goodbye to you, there are somethings we want to make sure you know. Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything. You were our "first born" shared everything with us since July 2004...moving in together, Mommy's graduation from DePaul, getting married, Daddy's new job, finding out that we are having a baby and so much more. You made us laugh so hard over the years and now we cry for you as we say goodbye to our best little yellow furry buddy. But we know that you are going to a wonderful place, where you will be free of your pain and that all of our family that we miss so dearly will take care of our boy Duke until we can be with you again.

Your sweet face always made us smile and you always knew when we needed a Duke kiss. We will always enjoy looking at our pictures of you, but they will never completely make up for the empty feeling in our hearts and in this house. Thank you for being the best dog a family could ask for and for being such a wonderful part of this family. You are funny, cute, cuddly and faithful. Watch over us angel dog, take care of your new baby brother or sister and remember that we will see you again someday.


Mommy and Daddy

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